19 May, 2014

My answer to Tim Ferris' show feedback petition.

For those who don't know Tim Ferris, I highly recommend his ted talk which made me think that maybe I am not that crazy, or at least, I am not the only one with such craziness. I'll explain my self real quick. At my family, my brother is the sporty guy. A guy who always played nicely soccer and had been successful with it. Well, when I was 16 I heard about something called Ironman triathlon. My thoughts were that I was able to accept the challenge and attempt it, it would become clear: I would be sporty as well or find out that I don't need to. The same happen with academia. I was struggling with the system and I decided to increase the bet. Instead of just finish the bachelor in the expected time, I would rather do this plus commit to finish a PhD. At the end of my PhD while I was struggling through some stuff like any other PhD student I came across Tim Ferris' ted talk and everything just felt in place.

Back to the point, Tim's Ferris show's FEEDBACK. Tim Ferris is interviewing REALLY INTERESTING people and having a friendly chat where he gets advice of. However this last chapter (#6) he read an essay about some thoughts and ask his audience to give feedback on the format. I really liked. However, just after finish the podcast I just went: well all this was quite interesting but WHERE is MY CHAT WITH SOME INTERESTING GUY which otherwise I can't talk to. Because that's my impression with the show I get to friendly participate of an interesting conversation which I find useful for myself with two people who I don't know personally. 

Therefore, MY SUGGESTION. I would fuse both formats. It would be incredible if after the chat when ever he feel like it, Tim can write down his impression of the talk, which are his thoughts, etc. All that in an essay format like chapter 6. In this manner I could compare our own impressions with the ones that he might have. For sure some would be close and others wont be at all.

Anyway I highly recommend the Tim Ferris show podcast. 

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